Multiple projects on-the-go can necessitate more staff, we have entire teams or individual specialists
to fit your requirements.

Immediate benefits

Interim staff can be used to fill a short-term gap in your staffing levels, and this can be for various reasons, including:

Period of change or transition, Permanent budget freeze, Permanent recruitment delays or lengthy recruitment process, Holiday / Sickness cover, and Maternity cover.

Qualified personnel

For all these circumstances and more, KarriWoods can provide a qualified and certified resource to deliver a service for the interim period. It can be for any level, from IT Director to Helpdesk Support, on a fixed period or a rolling basis. We plan a handover when they are no longer required, and the gap has been successfully plugged.

Increased flexibility

For our candidates, interim working provides flexibility. It can be an excellent way to broaden their experience by working in various business and technical environments as they shape their career.

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Looking for IT contractors in Perth, Western Australia?

We’ll find the right staff to fill the positions that your business needs to complete a project & more.

Interim IT Recruitment

With an interim contract, you can utilise skilled IT contractors for specific projects without the time or monetary investment a permanent hire requires.

Businesses regularly have temporary staffing needs that require skilled, certified IT experts to be sourced without delay or long-term commitment.

24-hour delivery turnaround time to provide a pre-vetted, qualified, suitable solution.

We work exclusively with skilled and experienced technology professionals.
Fixed period or rolling contracts, we flex to fit your requirements and adapt to your needs.

Our pool of certified IT professionals can support periods of change or transition within your organisation offer short-term sickness or holiday cover, or bridge gaps in recruitment delays. We can also provide IT contractors to cover maternity leave or support seasonal busy periods within your business.

Get the best of both worlds

Our leading interim IT recruitment service offers the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility while guaranteeing you the specialists you need when you need them.

Let your business reap the benefits of certified, experienced and pre-vetted candidates ready to hit the ground running.

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